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Colombian empanadas.




Colombian empanadas.

Stuffed corn turnover filled with your choice of beef, chicken, or cheese (three per serving).


Image-Colombian empanadas.

Tequeñon Venezuelan Cheese

Deep Fried Cheese Sticks wrapped in pastry-like dough (four per serving)


Image-Tequeñon Venezuelan Cheese


4.0  (1 rating)

ONE empanada Pabellon, Stuffed corn turnover filled with Beef, sweet plantain, black beans and white cheese



Mini arepas

Plain mini fried arepas with cilantro mayo sauce on the side (five per serving).


Image-Mini arepas

Pasteles Andinos (NEW)

Fried pastry turnovers filled with your choice of Beef or Cheese 2 pieces


Image-Pasteles Andinos  (NEW)


Plantain chips with your choice of beef or chicken, topped with grated monterey jack cheese and pink sauce (five per serving).



Steak salad

Sirloin steak strips, spring mix salad, avocado, tomatoes.


Image-Steak salad

Sweet plantains

Fried ripe, sweet plantains with monterey jack cheese (five per serving).


Image-Sweet plantains


Deep fried mozzarella cheese sticks wrapped in pastry-like dough (six per serving).




Plantain chips topped with monterey jack cheese and pink mayo sauce (five per serving).



Venezuelan Empanadas Trio

Three Stuffed Corn Turnover Filled with your choice of Beef, Chicken or Cheese


Image-Venezuelan Empanadas  Trio

Venezuelan Empanadas Twins

TWO Stuffed corn turnover filled with your choice of beef, chicken, or cheese (Two for order)


Image-Venezuelan Empanadas  Twins


Best bart arepa

Signature pork, and shredded beef with cilantro sauce.


Image-Best bart arepa

Catira arepa

Shredded chicken and grated cheddar cheese.


Image-Catira arepa

Cheese arepa

Grated cheddar or monterey jack cheese.


Image-Cheese arepa

Chicas arepa

Filled with spinach, avocado, tomatoes, and monterey jack cheese.


Image-Chicas arepa

Cochino felix arepa

Signature pork, tomato and cilantro sauce.


Image-Cochino felix arepa

Domino arepa

Black beans and grated monterey jack cheese.


Image-Domino arepa

Llanera Special

Trip tip steak, Venezuelan Cheese (Queso e mano)and Avocado


Image-Llanera Special

Llanera arepa

Shredded beef and grated monterey jack cheese.


Image-Llanera arepa

Miss piggy

Our signature pork, spinach, tomato, and cilantro sauce.


Image-Miss piggy

Moqui arepa

Ripe sweet plantains and monterey jack cheese.


Image-Moqui arepa

Pabellon arepa

5.0  (2 ratings)

Shredded beef, plantain, black beans and grated monterey jack cheese.


Image-Pabellon arepa

Pelua arepa

Shredded beef and grated cheddar cheese.


Image-Pelua arepa

Queen beef arepa

Shredded beef, tomato, spinach and cilantro sauce.


Image-Queen beef arepa

Reina pepiada arepa

Chicken and avocado salad with mayo.


Image-Reina pepiada arepa

Seattle arepa

5.0  (1 rating)

Shredded beef, chicken or signature pork with grated cheddar and monterey jack cheese.


Image-Seattle arepa

Sifrina arepa

Chicken and avocado salad with mayo and grated cheddar cheese.


Image-Sifrina arepa

Special steak arepa

Sirloin steak strips, grilled slice of pepper jack cheese, tomato, and avocado.


Image-Special steak arepa


Can Soda


Image-Can Soda


Sweet rice milkshake with cinnamon and condensed milk.



Fruit juice


Image-Fruit juice

Latin american sodas


Image-Latin american sodas

Malta Caracas


Image-Malta Caracas

Malta polar


Image-Malta polar




Pony malta


Image-Pony malta



Sweetened egg custard topped with caramel syrup. your choice of classic, coconut or dulce de leche.




Aji sauce


Image-Aji sauce

Cilantro mayo sauce


Image-Cilantro mayo sauce

Pink sauce


Image-Pink sauce

Spicy mayo sauce


Image-Spicy mayo sauce


Cachapa con queso de mano

Cachapas are made from fresh or frozen corn kernels that are ground to a purée and cooked


Image-Cachapa con queso de mano

Combo Arepa

Make your combo with an Arepa with a side of french fries, yucca fries, tequenos, sweet plantain or one colombia empanada of your choice of Beef, Chicken or Cheese and an american soda


Image-Combo Arepa

Pabellon Bowl

White Rice, Shredded Beef, Black Beans, Fried Sweet Plantain


Image-Pabellon Bowl

Parrilla Plate

Grill Trip-tip steak, grilled Chicken, pork sauce, fried mini arepas, fired yuca, white cheese & Spinach Salad


Image-Parrilla Plate

Sample Plate

2 Colombian empanadas, 2 tequenos, fried sweet plantain, yucca, mini arepas with guasacaca sauce & Cilantro and Spicy sauce on the side


Image-Sample Plate

Steak Salad

Tri tip Steak, Spinach, Avocado & Tomatoes


Image-Steak Salad

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